Corporate Member

NEC Corporation
・Yokohama Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd.
・ORIX Corporation
Kanematsu Electronics Ltd.
・Sekisui Chemical Company, Limited
・Secretariat Office for Certification Councils in Japan (2013.9)

Advisory Board

Junichi Toyoda
Tohoku University, Professor Emeritus

Hideaki Takahashi
Keio University, Professor

Kazuyuki Aihara
University of Tokyo, Professor

Mark McGranghan
EPRI, Vice President, Power Delivery and Utilization

David Eskinazi
EPRI, Accout Executive

Masakazu Kato
Tokyo Denki University, Professor

Tadahiro Goda
Doshisha University,  Guest Professor 

Board of Directors

Representative Director

Rikiya Abe
University of Tokyo

Executive Directors

Kenji Tanaka
University of Tokyo

Shigeki Suyama


Motoyuki Arai
University of Tokyo

Hisao Taoka
University of Fukui

David McQuilkin
Kyumaru Pacific Alliances

Akira MInamikawa
iSuppli Corporation

Hiroshi Yamaguchi
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

Richard Dyck


Atsushi Fujii
Hongo Tsuji Certified Public Accoutant's Corporation

Organization of the Digital Grid Consortium

The Digital Grid Consortium was established in September, 2011 as a not-for-profit corporation in Japan.

The goal of the Digital Grid Consortium is to develop the technologies to support our vision of the grid of the future.  The corporate members of the Consortium will subscribe to technology programs, and will be given the rights to commercialize products based on all Digital Grid Consortium intellectual property.

We encourage all corporate members to join in this effort.

We also have a Supporting Member role for government entities, research institutes, public interest associations, and educational institutions.