Activities of the Digital Grid Consortium

The consortium is composed of the following four working groups.  Each working group will select officers, and work together to achieve the above goal.

  1. OS working group
  2. Hardware working group
  3. Policy working group
  4. Business working group

Each working group will have ast its main task to create a practical model.  The results of working groups will be implemented by member companies.

The OS working group will prepare operating software common to Digital Grid compliant hardware.

The hardware working group will design the basic specification of the Digital Grid compliant hardware, common interface, and provisions for the management of product liability.

The policy working group will work for promoting Digital Grid concepts within political and regulatory bodies.  This working group raises funds and implements public relations.

The business working group will establish business models for the effective commercialization of digital grid products and services.  This working group will implement the initial demonstration projects.

Each working group will work together to develop synergy and cooperative development.  The outcome of each working group is shared by all members, and can be implemented by each member company.