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The corporate members of the Consortium will subscribe to technology programs, and will be given the rights to commercialize products based on all Digital Grid Consortium intellectual property.lll

Who We Are —
The Digital Grid Consortium

The Digital Grid Consortium was established in September, 2011 as a not-for-profit corporation in Japan.The goal of the Digital Grid Consortium is to develop the technologies to support our vision of the grid of the future.We encourage all corporate members to join in this effort.

What is the Digital Grid —
The “Internet of energy”

The Digital Grid is the grid of the future, realizing the convergence of power and information, providing higher grid reliability and improved energy economics at the same time as enabling high penetrations of renewable and variable energy generation.

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Digital Grid Highlights

Here is a short video of the digital grid team describing what is important about the digital grid.

Endowed Chair for The Digital Grid @ The University of Tokyo

Visit our website for Endowed Chair for the Digital Grid at the University of Tokyo.