Recent Activities

Field demonstration in Koriyama Fukushima

The third program of Digital Grid Consortium is conducted to develop a power interchange system expected to be operated in 2016 when electricity retail market will be liberalized. The demonstration, selected as a leading model project of Reconstruction Agency, will be given in Fukushima where Prof. Abe was born.
Metering devices that can measure power at time intervals of 10 seconds are installed in houses taking part in this demonstration. Power forecasting system are to be developed by analyzing a year's worth of their electricity usage data.

Field demonstration in Satsumasendai Kagoshima

The second program of Digital Grid Consortium is conducted to develop a service for household electricity usages. End-users will enjoy Uninterruptible Power Supply and Momentary High Power Supply with the assistance of Digital Grid Router and Lithium-ion Battery. Adding to that, the steep change caused by household electricity usage are also to be absorbed, which prevents the power fluctuation in the grid.


The support by the Satsumasendai city in 2014 enabled us to start a field demonstration of the Boost-House consept. Satsumasendai, located in Kagoshima prefecture, are well-known for "the City of Energy" since nuclear power plants and thermal power plants have long been operated.Satsumasendai city
The field demonstration are being given along with their policies: "Construction and Spread of Smart Houses" aiming to design a brand-new and comfortable lifestyle.


Fuel cells, 5.53kW battery, a monitor to display an electricity usage, a solar battery, a monitor to display the amount of power generated by PV, LED, wallpapers that have outstanding moisture absorption/desorption characteristics, and SAMOS The Second that improve thermal insultation are attached to this house.Satsumasendai SmartHouse
Body Dryer, which can make you dry without a towel just after you step out of the bathroom, illustrates the immense merits of Momentary High Power Supply. Battery with the Digital Grid Router facilitates the installation of high power appliances which couldn't be used due to the restriction of the power capacity. The next generation lifestyle opened up by the convergence of power and information should be experienced now.

Body Dryer


the competent authorities
Satsumasendai city
1-83, Hirasa, Satsumasendai, Kagoshime

Past Activities

Digital Grid Consortium has established several organizations and researched since Sep, 2011.
Digital Grid Router was designed as Program No.1 and established the Endowed Chair for Digital Grid with the money donated by NEC in 2012.Activities in FY2012
Boost-House was constructed as Program No. 2 in 2013.Activities in FY2013

past activities